Business Delegation to India

German Business Delegation to India

Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnology

September, 17 to 24, 2017

Healthcare companies are invited to participate in a 10-member business delegation to India (New Delhi and Bangalore) in September 17-24, 2017.

The delegates are companies in the field of medical devices, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. This business delegation to India offers you the excellent opportunity to get in touch with new business partners and to learn more about the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological market in India.

This delegation is part of the initiative of the Indo-German Medical Forum and is organized with support of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce located in Bangalore.


This project is part of the initiative of the Indo-German Medical Forum (IGMF). The Indo-German Medical Forum is the first and only B2B platform for German and Indian enterprises from medical technology, pharma and biotech industry on a global level. The IGMF offers excellent B2B chances, seminars, journeys and events for Indian and German SMEs and global players, institutions and partners involved in the topic issues on medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological questions.

Due to the strong growing medical and pharmaceutical markets in both countries, the need for a direct business platform and knowledge exchange is huge. The IGMF aims to improve the Indo-German knowledge transfer and related branch development of medical treatment. Special issues are E-Health, questions on regulation procedures and the need of a lobby for German companies who have or want to establish business  in India.

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