2nd Meeting

2nd Meeting of Indo-German Medical Forum

Our 2nd IGMF Meeting will take place on May 9th in Hamburg, 5 pm at Café Koppel, Lange Reihe 75/Koppel 66, 20099 Hamburg.

The idea is to keep this meeting open for everybody and every company who is interested to join.

If you want to join, please send a short e-mail to info@marketsandmore.de

If you want to register and become part of the Indo-German Medical Forum please fill in our Registration_IGMF_03.2017 and send it to info@marketsandmore.de

Recent Topics May 9th

  • Short introduction of every participant
  • Discussion of latest development
  • Discussion on further strategy
  • Discussion on B2B top events in 2017
    • B2B / seminar about registration procedure
    • B2B / seminar about e-health / telemedicine
    • B2B / seminar about special topic
    • Delegation journey to India (September / October)
    • India Week in Hamburg, November
    • Further congresses
    • tba
  • Get-together and B2B chance