Indo-German Medical Forum

Who we are

The Indo-German Medical Forum is the only B2B platform for German and Indian enterprises from medical technology, pharma and biotech industry on global level. The forum is open to enterprises, institutions and partners involved in the topic issues on medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological questions. Fortunately, we get support from higher institutions like German and Indian Consulate in both countries. Appropriate meetings with the right contact persons of government, regulation authorities, institutions and business people make it worth to participate.

What we do

The forum provides a special professional network, creating access to country-specific information and supporting exchange of business experiences. The common aim of the Indo-German Medical Forum is to strengthen and improve the medical development, treatment and technological process in both countries. The IGMF acts as a lobby organization for all companies, institutions and partners involved. We would like to strenghen the product and solution chances for fast and save market access in both countries.

How we work

The participants of the IGMF meet four times a year to share new business ideas, aims and business developments. Moreover, the IGMF offers additional B2B events with focus to one special topic, e.g. medical and pharmaceutical regulations, requirements for the FDA, news in medical and pharmaceutlical laws etc. We organize delegation trips to India for German companies and the other way around for Indian companies. Not at least, the participation at branch related fair trades will be supported by the forum.

Indo-German Medical Forum

The Indo-German Medical Forum will act as a representation of interest for enterprises from both countries and will offer direct contact to important authorities in both countries. The participants will receive exclusive data and branch knowledge, have the chance for exchange among each other, get access to an individual Indo-German B2B (distribution) area and business events.